Thursday, December 27, 2018

how to find whatsapp viral message is trusted or fake !

  • this time a post about how to find original true details for whastapp forwarded messages.
  • so let's start...
how to find WhatsApp viral message is trusted or fake!

  • All know Whatsapp is a most licks massager app for all media platforms but my Question is all WhatsApp messages is true ⛔.
  • And your question is as lick as my question so let start to find WhatsApp all messages are true or fake.
  • there is some step to find original detail for the forwarded message.

Step 1:.

  • Go to check message in search engines' lick google, bing or other platforms.
  • And check massage bellow forwarder leave any link to people is trusted these messages. 
  • Or your are find URL to click and see the site and verify you an after be you do not believe it search in Google lick search message title in search.

Step 2:.

  • Most people are forwarded a photo or video's without check photo or video is not a fake photo or video.
  • so how to find a photo or video detail to people is trusted hem read to continue.
  • You can use Google to find photo detail or editing photos defiant. so the question is how to used google to search an image or photos check my post for how to search photo in google.

.: NOTE:. 

After be your are not get any detail about viral message or photos, video so this message is 100% fake 
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Pubg Ban in INDIA

  • this time a post about you know pubg is one of the best online play game in the world in smart-phones.. so in INDIA people see social media for pubg news pubg is ban in India.
  • so let's start for this news in true or fuels.
Pubg Ban in INDIA 

  • This new is not true for all thing lick ban in India but some school and colleges are notes for play pubg in during campus in collages.
  • See this site report and your all things for the pubg ban is soled report site 
  • So don't wry about pubg is ban in India.
  • But this news is I also search in Gov. sites notes but I do not find any of the things about pubg,
  • And I am not found any news for school or collages lick do not play pubg in here. 
  • So I suggest you are a student so you are not playing pubg in long time lick 2 - 4 hr but play some for you are free.
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

How to Used Greenify app in android - no root needed

  • The best app used to stop background apps running in Android and consume battery or mack low slow your phone.
  • So let’s start
How to Used Greenify app in android - no root needed


è  There some step to how to used Greenify app in none rooted android phone.

Step 1:.

è Go to Google Play store search greenify app and download and install an app.
è After installing app open app simple one-click Greenify icon.

Step 2:.

è You open app see Welcome screen and click next button.
è And next screen choose your device to lick My device Are not rooted or My device rooted you click in My device is not rooted.. your device is rooted so you also click in rooted option. (“you do not know what is root see and how to root android phone see my other post”).
è After see ready screen click finish.

Step 3:.

è After see home screen for Greenify app.
è Click + symbol see image ..and … choose your app for you are stop background running.

Step 4:.

è After see your device running app and needed for Hibernated.
è Click one Zzzzz green Button to stop background running apps but see Alert for Android accessibility setting and click Continue.
è And click Greenify – Automated Hibernation or click ok and click back button to stop background running apps.
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Friday, December 14, 2018

How to Boost Gaming Performance in Android

  • this time a post-boost gaming performance in android or simple tricks to used android setting or used apps.
  • so let's start.
Boost Gaming Performance in Android

  • One of your are download and play game place check in google system or RAM requirements for you download games
  • After your check in Google Play-Store search your game to download and install ...
  • And your game is seen in play-store search so your download but not fined official game so you do not download and install the game for other sores.
  • But mean Question is installed games in android some game is not working properly so follow these steps...

Step 1:.          

- First thing is you are playing an online game or offline so your game is working slow.
- The game is offline so go to setting and follow these steps to mack fast android (see this post for mack fast your android).
- After your game is working fast.

Step 2:.

- You are play game in online link pubg so used this follow settings.
- Go to your phone setting -> storage setting -> clear cache data and you're do not know what is Cache data see my other post. 
- Used Greenify app to stop Background apps (you can also see how to used greenify app in none rooted android).

. : NOTE:.
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Sunday, December 9, 2018

it possible to hack Facebook account

  • this time a post about most of people searches what possible to hack facebook account , how and this is secure .
  • so let's start.. 
it possible to hack Facebook account

  • This question , answer is NO  because this too hard for hack facebook servers but some time people is hack or facebook data breached.
  • But my suggestion is you are not used any website or app for hack facebook account because this is not legal ⛔ .
  • Because you search site for used hack facebook account this is 100% fraud but after be you used site this is rick for your login account yes.
it possible to hack Facebook account - Facebook login
  • But this question , answer is YES  but not a hack this is trick .
  • In google most of website is copy to copy for facebook login and you are login in your facebook account or your user name and password is true so your FB account user name and password is see other people .
:-NOTE -:
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It possible to create android app without coding

  • this time a post about this question for students It possible to create an android app without coding knowledge.
  • so let's start.
It possible to create an android app without coding

  • This Question answer is no ⛔ but but but ... yes 💛 also because in 2018 some android app is proved you to create an android app for no coding knowledge required.
  • this android app is proved only you create normal apps.
  • You also think I'm wrong but you can try this app CREATE YOUR OWN APPS  and leave a comment for I an true.
  • Using this app you do not create high-level android apps but create an android app for normal browser app for open and install in your android device.
  • You are not creating lick facebook this app is for simple student knowledge.


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Saturday, December 1, 2018

New Adobe video edit app review (Premiere Rush CC app)

  • this time a post about latest news and app review for adobe premiere video editing app for IOS And window users but probably sometime after we launched in android platform.
  • so let's start
New Adobe Premiere Rush CC app review
  • All people know about Adobe software colitis and before Adobe has also launched video editing software but this time for a smart-phone user help for editing videos.

Features of Premiere Rush CC app:. 

  • shoot your image or video easy to share social media platforms lick Facebook, Instagram, youtube or others.❤❤
  • And used Adobe sync 👌 for desktop, mobile, and tablet for easy to use.
  • This tool is some fetchers is free but used high colitis video recording unlock pro mode of adobe premiere rush cc.
  • Easy to edit 😱 text effect and other animation for simple drag and drop method.
  • Used HDR 🌈 color effect in edit time and adobe AI  help to you edit Audio 🔉 effect's.
  • Used different types of Crop ✂ for videos lick Instagram, Facebook video size's (landscape, square or others).
  • Or used Adobe cloud storage lick 100GB and unlimited exports.
  • Now, this app is only of IOS users but Android user waits some time.


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