Wednesday, September 4, 2019

top android 10 Fearures | Androidwihrk

-> Hey, friend this time is Android 10, After a long-time beta test finally, android 10 is launched.

-> So, start about discuss top android 10 features by Rk.

top android 10 fearures | androidwithrk

Android 10:.

->  Almost (albeit) last a year's android Q beta tested, approximately android pia is released in 6 august 2018 or android 10 is released after one year 3 September 2019.

-> People is using almost 1-year android pia or android is launched new update.

Android 10 Features:.

-> These features are officially amusement by Android.

Live Caption:.

->  the live caption means your android is now supported live video recoding by one clicking also record a podcast.

-> Android 10 no need for any wifi or internet connection to use these features this is very useful ( by me).

Smart Replay:.

-> Android pia based some OS is also supposed these features lick as type replay message on WhatsApp or messager.

-> In this case, discuss stock android because smart replay means quick replay but also support google map.

Sound Amplifier:.

-> I love these features because stock android is not preinstalled any sound amplifier.

-> Now, Android 10 update this feature in stock Android devices or try now in your android download one app click here...

Gesture Navigation:.

-> This fearucher also Android pia based some os add but in Android 10 update new future lick ..

-> slide screen left site to right goes back.

-> bottom of screen hold down slid up to go home.

-> I love these futures is switch apps using hold down slid upright or uplift to switch between two apps.

Dark theme:.

-> these features need for android pia but android is included in android 10.

-> click one button to change between day or dark mode.


-> that means only 5G or foldable device is lunched in android, 

-> So you get to experience the latest and greatest features on devices that fold, flex, and move faster than ever.

or more futures available but I did not describe you also read in android officially site 
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