Tuesday, November 27, 2018

what is google ATAP ?

  • this time a post about google project and technology experiments for  used in human life.
  • so let's start..
What is Google ATAP
  • Here is a sort introduce for what is google ATAP and internal project so start.
  • the full form of ATAP is Advanced Technology and Projects that means create advanced technology for mack human life easy .
  • In this ATAP some more project is start or some is close i don't know .
  • this ATAP is create new and more advanced technology's projects lick without click or teach move display Caesar .   
  • there is list for ATAP internal projects.
      1. Project Tango.
      2. Spotlight Stories.
      3. Project Ara.
      4. Project Soli.
      5. Project Jacquard.
  •  there is amazing projects by google more detail see Google ATAP offical site .
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Monday, November 26, 2018

Download all you want in one click

  • this time a post about download method all people download and upload files in internet but download time download is hard to start so find one method to download all you want in one click.
  • so let's start.
Download all you want in one click

Step 1 : .

  • You can find you download but not find it so see my post to top - end and you are happy to find your file in one click or no ads.
  • Open your download browser in mobile or PC and search INDEX OF <YOUR DOWNLOAD FILE NAME>.
  • Example i am download arrow season so i search index of arrow season and open first link.

Step 2 : .

  • After click enter go only index of / site see image and click .
  • After some time not find your rare download file so sorry but 100% this method is working.  
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best way to bypass recaptcha

  • this time a post about how to bypass google recaptcha , yes this way is the best of one way to bypass recaptcha.
  • so let's start .....
best way to bypass recaptch
Best way to bypass ReCaptch

Bypass ReCaptcha : .

  • You are not know about what recaptcha see my blog post what is recaptcha and how it work. 
  • Now start bypass recaptcha but this method is not used any hacking purposes or not used any HTTPs scripting or botes for bypass recaptcha this method is only trick for fast bypass.

Step - 1 : .

  • Go to recaptcha you bypass it.
  • And click I'm not a robot  and after see some images lick this pop-up window.

Step - 2 : .

  • After see right - down pop-up find SKIP or VERIFY .
  • You find SKIP blue button so click button , after be SKIP button click again .... again ...again but you can not find VERIFY button to reload your page and try again
  • You find VERIFY button to choose image and your recapcha is bypass..
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Sunday, November 25, 2018

new funny escape game for android

  • this time a post about new escape games for android and sorry for some time to I not mack post because of my exam starts..
  • so let's start.

Addictive word game:.

 Cover art

  • this game is funny cartoon game but amazing gameplay for escape storyline. simple gameplay to win type word for current position for escape.
  • this game free to use all level or all people because some escape game is paid in this list.
  • Words story escape game features are 1000 level without any level repeat this thing is great for escape games.
  • play offline not any connection requirement, no more permission to install the game.
  • best to play friends.

Break the Prison:.

  • this game is great to escape game for low mobile device and most people play this game.
  • this game one man escapes and you help for escape him used tip or tools for fast escape man and mack funny.
  • this game feature is up to 40 different levels and 8 different themes to used in gameplay.
  • best to play friend.
  • this game is also a good game for kids.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

brawl stars - new supercell game news

  • this time a new about supercell new game for android used and this game is action game.
  • so let's start.

Brawl Star game by supercell

Brawl Star : .

  • You know and play also supercell game , supercell games is most popular lick COC (clash of clan) , COR (clash of royal) , Hay Day , Boom beach and now add new game Brawl star.
  • Supercell is mack action game Brawl star .

Brawl star game details  : .

  • This game is action or battleground gameplay with supercell , battle with friend , 3 minute battleground with friend or enemy.
  • Play play and play to update your brawlers using gems .
  • No gold cone , No elixir only win to mack 10 gems and defense won to lose gems.
  • there is details of new game for supercell.     

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

what is samsung quantum processor 8k

  • this time a post about new samsung news for QLED TV used AI Quantum processor 8k sort introduce.
  • so let's start ..
what is samsung quantum processor 8k

  • Samsung is lunched new QLED TV and used AI technology because 8K resolution is much high so normal processor is not working it , samsung distend used Quantum processor in 8K.
  • This processor is used quantum technology this technology is faster then normal processor or this processor is not used 0 ,1 combination quantum technology is advanced .  
  • QLED is big , 8k resolution and HDR color supported .
  • this TV is work AI based , quantum processor is used quantum bits for high performances.  
  • Samsung QLED lick see painting image using smallest brush to mack perfect pictures .
  • Quantum bits is process 33 million pixel bits in smallest part of second. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

top whatsapp sticker maker apps

  • this time a post about whatsapp new update for all device comfortable is sticker's  but some people search and comment me to how to mack whatsapp stickers.
  • so let's start...
Top Whatsapp Sticker Maker App

 Sticker Maker For Whatsapp : .

  • this app is top one app for used people in android and your also used this app to mack whatsapp stickers.
Features of this app : .
  • this app mack sticker about any images but some time app is not detect for JPEGs or other format images.
  • But this app is my favorite because add images after crop background and mack funny face.
  • App good to used or fast but this app is add automatic image after slow your system and time / space consuming .
  • this app size is only 8 MBs to download.
  • Sticker maker for whatsapp is add 30 images for whatsapp app.

Personal Sticker For Whatsapp : .

  • this app is second position because i used and after decided to app is not detect all images for camera clicks or JPEGs formats images.
Features of this app : .
  • this app great thing is so small size lick only 2 MBs to download.
  • App is also good to used but over images files is not detect , detect only download fouler and other temp images.  
  • Personal sticker means you can download image file in internet and after add in whatsapp stickers.
  • this app is no limit to add sticker but after whatsapp is used laerg size in installation. 
NOTE : .
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Monday, November 5, 2018

samsung latest soundbar news

  • this time a post about latest news about samsung soundbar for home lick a live 3d home , perfect sound and perfect reality.
  • so let's start..
  • samsung news is samsung lunched multi speaker control technology speaker's .
  • this technology is used around 6 high colitis speaker's or 3 conventional.
  • there is used home environment to auto adjust or other use-full system.
  • now there is available three / 3 different capacities or 3 different modules.
  • And this speaker features is used Bluetooth connect and multi room comfortable (that means used multi speaker to cover around room size). 
  • Also connect wireless speaker ,  
  • Good thing is samsung soundbar + so thin and low weight , to move any place. 


Now this new is updated but some thing is too sort or thin , i get updated some time after lick 2-3 hr leave comment to any suggest please. 
Also see other information see this lick.... 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

What Antivirus is needed for Android

  • this time a post about Antivirus and other crop finder needed for android smartphones and also What Antivirus is needed for Android ?
  • so let's start ..
  • this question answer is no or yes , yes dual answer in one question.

first answer is no - :

  • You can used normal android phone lick call , play music , movie other thing about you know.
  • So your android is not needed Antivirus .
  • Answer is no because you used android only social works so technically android is developed based on Linux (Linux is secure OS)  .
  • Normally android is no hacked and other virus is not attacked in android os (because , i am normal people why some one heck or send virus in my android).
  • so there thing is you install antivirus in android.

Second answer is yes - :

  • Answer is yes because you work online , cloud computing , online business or other online payments .
  • So your Android needed an Antivirus. 
  • Antivirus is not for android but online security purpose , lick spam web protection , online saved password in cookies .
  • so there thing for you install antivirus in android ,      

Thursday, November 1, 2018

samsung smart thing apps review

  • this time a post about samsung new app for used smart thing and also used in home work lick start lite ,fan , A/C or other connected tech's.
  • so let's start ....
Samsung smart thing app review

 Smart thing app : .

  • this app used for home used lick turn on light using this app but my thing is this app name used home , so name is home assistant app by samsung because this product is samsung so nullify samsung .
  • the smart thing app Features is ..
      • All device is connect for WI-FI AP.
      • control multiple device in one screen this is good thing.
      • This app used mostly used samsung smartphone and samsung device's but also used other smartphone this comfortable to used in 2 GB RAM phone
      • write note about smart thing app permission is only location - for - start Bluetooth to see / connect nearby devices to access them.
      • App also proved QR cord scanner , file transfer , voice controller and other .
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