Monday, July 30, 2018

best VPN apps for android

best VPN apps for android 

  • my last post i Discussion about VPN .
  • And i tell about best two VPN apps for android.
  • let's start it ..

1. Betternet : .

  • this app free to use some time after this app is paid for month and use this app.
  • this app is best app for my see and app also some ad but work best.
  • use for unlock site and apps for using this app. 
  • secure networking use for peoples. 

2. Turbo VPN :.

  • this app is total free to use .
  • this all thing about as betternet but this time is ad is all time.
  • this app is proxy vpn services proved. 

what is VPN ? and how it work ?

What is VPN? And How it work?

  • VPN...
  • this time is the best thing about smartphone user and networking users, some peoples are no know to What is VPN I Mack post about VPN.
  • let's start.

What is VPN:.

  • VPN as you know as like privet network.
  • But VPN full name is virtual privet network.
  • this means you can not use block site in your country.
  • But you can use VPN services app in your device to access block sites.
  • And other study use for open study sites.

How it works?

  • VPN is work to connect your internet.
  • And Chang you default  IP address.


  • you can search for google "what is my IP address".
  • and see you IP address.

    Saturday, July 28, 2018

    clean my house app now for android review

     Clean my house app now for Android 

    • Clean my house app is you, Mack, your holiday to use house clean this app is Mack your task and a reminder to your today working on it.


    • free app to Mack your life so easily.
    • Focus on housekeeping and errands around the house.
    • organize the chores based on categories.
    • daily reminder- set a reminder for your daily tasks.
    • set and schedule one time task or repetitive tasks.
    • simple to use and view.

    Friday, July 27, 2018

    what is Azure ? what is Microsoft Azure latest news ?

    what is Azure? what is Microsoft Azure latest news? 

    • the Azure is a Microsoft communication open sores cloud computing platform.
    •  you can see my blog to 7/27/2018 to free for new users for using Azure cloud computing.

    • new user to use cloud computing sow click me.

    Features for cloud computing:. 

    • Cloud computing is used for Would wild use for your data.
    • Use cloud storage add save your data to access multiparty time and place.
    • You can not any transfer to data it's Automatically to sync to cloud.   


    you can use for paid cloud computing it is 100% secure but free cloud computing is not secreted you data.

    Thursday, July 26, 2018

    best app for gestures in android (OnePlus Gestures)

    the best app for gestures in Android this
    • time I will see a most adjective app for android.
    • this app is no limits for gestures app like some other apps.

    OnePlus Gestures app:.

    • this app is no proveted for one-plus devices.
    • this app is almost used for all devices lick low devices.
    • this app is provided for SWIPE GESTURES lick up, down, right, left, hold and double clicks.
    • lunch Google assistance.
    • toggle screens and back to the last app, other setting open lick using this app.

    YouTube tv app review ?

    YouTube TV app review?

    • google is launched for YouTube TV app in android user.
    • this time is a YouTube TV is live TV shows, sport, and new lick live TV app.

    YouTube TV APP :. 

    • let's start a review for YouTube TV app.
    • watch major broadcast lick FOX , AMC , MBC  , CBS and other broadcasts in this TV app.
    • use cloud DVR using without DVR space limits.
    • this app is the location for Uthe S.
    • use entertainment shows , spores shows , news and other lick F1 some.  

    NOTE : .

    this app is location used for United States. 

    Tuesday, July 24, 2018

    What is clone app ? And how it work clon app in androids

    What is a clone app? And how it works clone app in androids

    • Clone means is duplicate, but this blog Clone means mack duplication apps.
    • Duplication means mack one app for multiple account lick WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other.

    How it works:.

    • Clone app maker is a change some app coding and saves after compression into .apk formats.
    • My study's to lick change XML codes for the app in mack clones.
    • This time is not using parallel space app.
    • But some apps are mack clone app for using clone maker tools 

    Best Clone apps for Android:.

    This app not comper to best app for cloner apps maker let's start.

    1. App cloner:.
    2. super clone:.

    google assistant new update ?

    Google assistant new update?

    • Google is this time updates your assistant app.

    • This time is assistant is Mack call using Google Duo.
    • lost of thing about for google assistant is best of my view to the best assistant app by Google. 

    Sum use for the assistant app:.

    • lick mack call for mom so you can speak to 'call mom' mack call mom.
    • send messages to send emails and other texts.
    • Read emails for the assistant app.
    • open apps for speak to open "any apps your device".
    • open settings lick WI-Fi and others.
    • teak selfies, play songs, movies, and YouTube vids.

    Monday, July 23, 2018

    what is podcast ? how to use podcast app in android users

    what is podcast? how to use podcast app in android users

    • the podcast means a sum peoples speak your messages for lifestyles.

    Podcast app:.

    • this time is a podcast is free to Android users.
    • this app is easy for anyone use.
    • the app is the easiest way to find, save and listen to all your favorite podcasts.
    • this is American life podcast, the joe rogan experience, and another podcast.
    • access more than 500,000 podcasts and listen to more than 30,000,000 episodes play them or save them to listen later offline.
    • this time is the app is available for Spanish and languages to come in soon.  

    Friday, July 20, 2018

    how to get more speed-up any android no root no any apps needed

    how to get more speed-up any android no root no any apps needed 

    • All android user needs to more speed up your device.
    • Let's start to speed up your android device.
    • NO needed root, NO apps lick RAM cleaner.

    Step 1:. 

    • you can go to android settings.

    Step 2:.

    • Go to about phone settings.
    • And after click about the phone, you can see down to BUIL NUMBER click 5 times to start DEVELOPER OPTION.

    Step 3:.

    • After going developer option
    • START developer option.


    Step 4:.

    • After see this is three option and click or open it.
    • And select ANIMATION OFF.

     After off this option, your device speeds up 100 %.

    Thursday, July 19, 2018

    how to delete duplicate photos in android lite app

    how to delete duplicate photos in the android lite app

    • you are selfies lover so this app is you clean to duplicate photos in your galley.

    • sum simple step to you delete duplicates photos let's start.

    Step 1:. 

    • scan photos and choice the scan tap to select duplicate photos.

    Step 2:. 

    • preview the photos and select after see delete it.

    Step 3:.

    • remove the duplicates photos and deletes them.


    Wednesday, July 18, 2018

    Google new updates for assistant app

    Google new updates for the assistant app 

    • this time Google update your assistant apps to add some new feature.
    • Google assistant is a voice assistant service proved by google app.

    • this update is work to see your mostly history see bookmarks and other sites to you subscribe.
    •  And your assistant is full beta version tested to you use these futures now.
    •  Google assistant is sent you to your location and movie times and other your google app notification.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2018

    Google Maps new updates for remember to leave the place

    Google Maps new updates for remembering to leave the place 

    • This time Google maps are updates is live track your location.
    • Google maps are live track your location and get the information about your place and send your phone notification 

    How it Work:.

    • It's work to track your location and you set your next place to you have to go and Google map is set to time and send notification your phone.

    • This update is mostly people used for businessman, lecturer's, and other to time savings.
    • Thx forsee my blog follow me to latest new for Android and tech you update fast thx. 

    Microsoft PowerPoint for android review

    Microsoft PowerPoint for android review

    • This time Microsoft is launched there mostly peoples are used this app is POWER-POINT is available for Android.

    let's start for review for PowerPoint in android:.

    • Fast is all peoples are used for PowerPoint, but this time is an app for Android.
    • You can Mack project for using edit videos, Photos, and other cuteness.   
    • Some problems are in new update but no meter developers fixed it.
    • You can use slide-shows in this app.
    • Your phone is the lower version you do not use this but your phone is latest not a problem you use this app smoothly.
    • Simple to edit use fast and great future is available.
    •  You use your PC edit file it's work in android using PowerPoint.

    Download PowerPoint click me

    Microsoft is updates your apps in android

    Microsoft updates your apps in android  

    • Microsoft is the best developers for updating your app for 356 days.
    • Microsoft now updates android apps lick Microsoft offices.
    • And this time Best updates for Android is microsoft lunch PowerPoint app for android users.

    Sum apps for Microsoft for Android is:.

    * This app this most person used on android  
    • Microsoft Office app.
    • Microsoft Launcher app.
    • One note app.
    • One Drive app.
    • Skype app.
    • Microsoft Edge.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Monday, July 16, 2018

    best two for blue lite protected

    best two for blue lite protected this
    • two app is the best apps for android eye protected.
    • you can not know about blue lite to search this blog to what is blue lite in android see this post.
    • let's start.
    • the first one is 

    Blue light filter - Night

    • this is a most popular blue light filter apps.
    • reduce blue light and adjustable filters.
    • save power and very easy to use.


    • this is second for my see. this is paid and most powerful to use.
    • this app paid version is a boss of blue light filter apps.
    • use this app for your choice.
    • thx forsee my blog. 

    what is blue lite in android (protect your eye ) ?

    What is Blue lite in android?

    • this topic is health advice, the advice is you are using the smart-phone to your phone screen is made in three leaser lick (RGB) red, green and blue.
    • this blue line is a not harmful but most of the people are using your phone lick this pitcher.   

    • this time most harmful your eye, you can use this mated to you cannot sleep for a long time.
    • you can use mostly 3 hours after you can eye is the pain.
    • this is working your brine see this pitcher.

    • you understand. thx forsee

    Sunday, July 15, 2018

    Google one app review

    Google one app review 

    • This app is google product app bu google LLC. Google one app is one coined of Google Drive app, use this app and manage your cloud storage.

    • Google one is a simple plan for expanded storage that includes extra benefits to help you get more out of Google.

    Plan details

    • Manage your storage plan, with covers Google drive, Gmail and original quality photos and videos in google photos.
    • Contact google team of experts with just one tap.
    • If you need help with Google products and services 

    Google team is here 

    • Access member benefits like google play credit and special hotel pricing.
    • share your plan with up to 5 family members giving everyone more storage plus access to extra benefits

    "Google one will only be available on a limited basis. if you have a paid drive storage plan, you'll be automatically upgraded to google one ".

    Saturday, July 14, 2018

    nova launcher review and trikes

    Nova launcher review and trikes best
    • and old time to work the best launcher is nova launcher.
    • other wish you use Microsoft launcher.


    • first thing is a best customize all devices.
    • all icon themes are available in Nova launcher
    • you can use premiums version to all feature used.
    • no mater to fix it is the backup and restore are available.
    • use amazing gestures, app messages unread counts.
    • icon swipe and hide icons.

    Importation customize

    • Use gestures to fast navigation.
    • scroll down to see recent apps.
    • use the other apps shortcut to get fast reply.
    • Download and use other customize themes and apply.
    • the best use is enabled night mode.

    Friday, July 13, 2018

    Microsoft Launcher app review

    Microsoft Launcher app review 

    • With Microsoft Launcher your android phone is the smart and best customizing your android running lover dives.
    • " This launcher is not a windows launcher but it best launcher ".


    • Microsoft is a great idea to  'continue on PC'  android.
    • cortana: supports multi-pal calls and SMS. 
    • Family: parents can show and hide kids in the family card.
    • Improvements to reading news with  Microsoft edge browse.
    • Toggle to hide page indicator to the home screen.

    Thursday, July 12, 2018

    What is mores code ? now on Gboard .

    What is the mores code? now on Gboard.

    what is mores code?

    • the answer is, the mores code is a method of transmitting text information as a series of on-off tones, lights or clicks.
    • that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment.
    • it is name's for Samuel F.B Morse, an inventor of the telegraph.
    • and international mores cord is sowed image.

    Now on Gboard:.

    • the google Gboard is first integrated morse code into Android version (in beta).
    • when activated morse cord fills the keyboard area with two large dot and dash icons.

    steps up the morse keyboard: .

    1. open your device's settings app.
    2. tap system, then languages & input.
    3. tap the virtual keyboard, then Gboard.
    4. tap languages ,then English(us).
    5. swipe left through the options, then tap morse code.
    6. to hear sound feedback as you enter morse code.turn on sound on keypress.
    7. and tap done.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2018

    the new bast android apps you licks

    The new best android apps you lick 

    * this five apps is a not use normal user but this apps is also use networking and other smart users.

    1. ProtonVPN app:.

    ProtonVPN is free VPN service that does the following:
    • protects your privacy by hiding your IP address.
    • lets you browse the web securely(even on public Wi-FI).
    • lets you visit block and censored websites.
    • unblock sites & surf privately.

    2. Pushbullet pc app

    send text messages and see your notification while on your computer
    • Conveniently send and receive SMS messages from your computer.
    • Reply to messages from many popular apps including WhatsApp, Kik , facebook.
    • Easily share links and file between your devices, or with friends.

    3. Photo & picture resizer app

    the easy to use image resize help you quickly reduce your picture size
    • select the picture
    • the picture resizer displays the selected photo
    • select the resolution (width x height) from the list
    • the selected picture is reduced and displayed. 

    4.Tiny scanner -PDF scanner app

    A little scanner app that scans everything to PDFs
    • this app work to...
    • E-mail.
    • Dropbox, Evernote, Google drive, one drive or box.
    • WI-FI directly to your computer.
    • send the fax from the phone via tiny fax app.

    5. Maps Measure

    Measure the world calculate distance, areas, and elevations in google maps
    • Measure distances,areas & elevations.
    • imperial & metric units.
    • map,hybrid-satellite & terrain view no
    • ads.
    • minimum permissions & open source

    Google new updates for voices UI ?

    Google new updates for voices UI?

    • now Google decided to add new UI for assistant and user is using to def-rant color lick green, red, pink, blue and other.

    • the updated screen now has the voices in a horizontally scrollable us.
    • google is rolling the new screen out as we speak, but it will take about a week to reach all user.

    Instagram adds a questions sticker to Instagram Stories

     Instagram adds a questions sticker to Instagram Stories

    • Instagram adds new story sticker about the poll.
    • This time is the Instagram poll is full def-rant.
    • this sticker is a poll friend with a friend and writes a comment on your story.
    • this is the best story update by Instagram.
    • thx for Instagram.

    FaceBook comment